According to the tourism potential of the region, we visualize clearly and with interest the possibility of accompanying these strategies to strengthen the sector with solutions that provide a first-level safety infrastructure, at a fair price, enabling it to reach their objectives with respect to attractiveness, safety, and services


Aimed to serve hotels, restaurants, touristic attractions, conventions, and major events, such as sporting competitions, concerts or musical festivals, which are susceptible to experience situations that could significantly affect clients´ experience.

  • Fotocheck
    Register transaction system through simultaneous capture and digitalization of four images associated to a transaction > More Info.
  • CCTV
    solutions for entertainment and hotel industries offer them security and protection through identification of suspicious behavior.
  • DMP
    T&T offers high operation detection systems to tourism operators and companies of recreational area.
  • Biometrics
    TRACE, as a Biometric Attendance Control System solution, allows you to record in a precise manner the date and time of entry and exit of employees.